viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

The Primitives - Echoes and Rhymes

¿Quién no ha escuchado alguna vez "Crash"? ¿Todos? Puede que sean un one-hit wonder, pero ahí siguen, años y años después. Su primer disco en... ¡21 años!

Great covers album from Coventry group farmed for 1988 single "Crash".

The Primitives were children of Nuggets, creating ebullient fizzy pop with buzz and fuzz guitars indebted to those no-hit wonders from the 60's.
Singles "Really stupid", "Crash" and "Way behind me" were typical, sounding sweet and with an arsenic laced after-taste. Twenty-one years on from their last album, they're back with another, this time of covers.

It's an unappetising exercise on paper, but it captures their effervescent spirit, flair and verve thanks to the intelligent choice of material - all relatively obscure songs by female singers and female-fronted groups, spanning Reparata and the Delron's "Panic" to Eve's "The witch" and Sandy Posey's "Single girl". Their take on Little Ann's shouter "Who are you trying to fool?" recalls The Beatles covering The Cookies. Nico's "I'm not sayin'" is jarring and edgy.

4 estrellas de 5.

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