jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Gavin Friday - 16 años después

Gavin Friday, famoso por sus colaboraciones con U2 en "En el nombre del padre", regresa con un disco que suena francamente bien, y ojito a la portada.

Crítica de MOJO:

4 estrellas

Painting, acting, soundtracks, performing Shakespeare's sonnets with the Garvin Bryars Ensemble - Friday has sailed far beyond mere songwriting since 1995's "Shag Tobacco". But after illness, turning 50, divorce and losing his dad, there's much to fire this follow-up. Like its three predecessors, "Catholic" aims for a torchy, mirror-ball beauty. These are his silkiest arrangements yet, but shadowy undercurrents ensure the tension never lets up. "A song that hurts" gets a gorgeously pained falsetto over luminescent strings. "Blame" would have been ripe for a Johnny Cash cover, seven-minute finale "Lord I'm coming" echoes Peter Gabriel's recent orchestral blue notes while "Perfume" whiffs of louche disco, but mostly "Catholic" is one to stay home with for some sombre reflection.

Emocionante el final del disco, como bien dicen, recuerda a Peter Gabriel y su "Scratch my back", pero es realmente tenebrosa, "Señor, se está acercando" y parece que vas atravesando un túnel y te vas acercando hasta un inevitable fin.

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